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Terms and conditions of use

I. General conditions

1. The online shop located at offers to purchase of products via the Internet.

2. The online shop  is conducted by the company:


Dorota Dzikowska


3. Correspondence address:

36 Vendul Crescent

Port Macquarie

2444, NSW


tel. : +61 431460258

4. Placing an order is tantamount to accepting the conditions of the shop regulations.


II. Ordering and realisation of products procedure

5. Orders can be placed with usage of  the function of adding a product into shopping cart and then pressing “Order”.
For proper order conducting, it is necessary for the Customer to register by creating the user account, thanks to which it is also possible to observe the status of order realisation.

6. The basic condition of order realisation is filling in tele address data with accurate and true e-mail address and telephone number thanks to which it is possible to confirm placed order.

7. Orders can be placed for 24 hours per day all year round. Orders placed on weekdays after 10:00 a.m. , Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are realised next weekday.

8. In case of circumstances that prevent from complete or temporary order realisation,  the company EMADORA reserves the right to suspend order realisation – the company is obliged to inform promptly the Customer about occurred situation.

9. Orders with incorrect tele address data (non-existent e-mail address or lack of telephone number)
are not taken into consideration.

10. Company EMADORA reserves the right to suspend orders that raise doubts.

11. All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD). However, thanks to the option “currency” on the shop website, a price can be converted to chosen currency.

12. The company EMADORA issues an invoice for purchased item.



Privacy of the Customer

Emadora  is engaged in the protection of Customers’ privacy. We do not transfer information about our Customers to third party, unless it is a part of provision of services.


Consent of the Customer

We do not spread our Customers’ personal data – a surname, address, e-mail address, data from credit card or personal information to third party without the Customer’s consent.
We can use your personal data in order to conduct fraud control. Personal data can be revealed in credit information or the agency preventing  frauds that is allowed to keep these information. It occurs only for confirmation of identity for safety objectives.


Contact with us

All personal data gathered through this site are preserved  safely in accordance with the Data Protection Act from 1998. In case of any further questions or comments please contact with us using the contact form.